Why Believers Need Spiritual Companions

Human beings need each other for camaraderie and mutual protection. The same is true for us believers; we need the support and companionship of other Christians. Whether we’re a new believer or we’ve been a Christian for a while, we all need spiritual companions. Sheep in a field have a particular characteristic: they always flock together. It’s in their nature. That’s why it’s rare to see a single sheep all alone, far away from the flock. They naturally want to be together. In the Lord’s eyes, we believers are His sheep. When we were saved, we were regenerated with the life of God. All believers in Christ share that same life. Now we as God’s sheep have an inherent need and desire to be with other believers for our mutual protection and benefit.  This is why spiritual companions aren’t the same as friends. No matter how close we may be to our friends who aren’t saved yet, the relationship we have with our spiritual companions is different. It’s much deeper because it’s based on our faith in Jesus and sharing the life of God. We may still spend time with our friends, but our intention shouldn’t be to engage in the old things of our former way of life, some of which were sinful. Our goal should be to share with them how we got saved and how good Jesus is. We may find that a friend is receptive and will pray with us to receive the Lord Jesus. And if we have spiritual companions, we can pray for our friends together. We can also fellowship about the best way to be with our friends and how to talk with them about the Lord.

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