What Do I Do When I Sin after I’m Saved?

Have you ever struggled with what you should do when you sin, even after you’re saved? When we first repented to God and received Jesus Christ as our Savior, we were forgiven of all our sins, and a peace we never knew flooded our hearts. But we know from personal experience that being saved doesn’t mean we’re immune to sin. Despite our best efforts, we still sin. So what should we do when we sin after we’re saved? Since our salvation is eternal, we don’t need to be saved again to receive forgiveness for our sins. In fact, that’s impossible. But we also shouldn’t think it’s okay to sin just because we’re saved eternally. God is offended by and concerned about the sins we commit after we’re saved. The Bible gives us a clear answer to the question of what we should do when we sin. To experience being forgiven and washed of our sins, we must confess them to the Lord. Confessing our sins to God is critical for a healthy Christian life.

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