How to Receive Life from God’s Word

Physically speaking, the best way to exercise our feet is to walk. Spiritually speaking, the best way to exercise our spirit is to pray. As we read the Bible with prayer, we use our spirit. When we use our spirit by praying, we “strike,” or contact, the Spirit in the written Word of God. Even before we begin to read the Bible, we can pray a simple prayer like this: “Lord Jesus, I want to touch Your Spirit in Your Word. Lord, I don’t want to just read the black and white letters in the Bible; I want to receive you as life from Your Word.” Praying this way makes a big difference as we learn to exercise our spirit when we come to the Bible. Then, as we read His Word, we can continue to pray by using the words in the Bible as our prayer. We can use these words to praise, thank, and worship the Lord. 

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