Daily prayer

Prayer #3

Dear heavenly father, it is my prayer today that the ones reading this would come to know youas the, all Knowing, all Powerful, Most, High God today in a fresh knew way that wouldincreasingly strengthen their faith and that their faith would become strong like that of amighty oak tree so that the winds and …

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Prayer #2

Dear Heavenly father, thank you for all that you do for us. Thank you for your great love, mercyand grace that you have for us. I pray for everyone reading this that you will speak to them ofthe great love that you have for them and of the great plans that you have for their …

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Prayer #1

Dear Heavenly Father, I Thank you for today and all that you have for us today! Holy is your name and worthy are you to be praised! We come to you father and ask that you will bless us, guide us and give us wisdom to make good decisions throughout our day. We ask for …

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