Blog #3

As the government mandates are being lifted and we start to take a sigh of relief from the strangle hold that the pandemic has had on our nation and the church, there have been many that have been wounded spiritually, mentally and emotionally. There are those that have been struck with fear and uncertainty of what our future holds in this nation. the church was bull rushed by the enemy with the pandemic crisis and it has left many scratching their heads not knowing exactly how to handle this crisis. I’m sure it won’t be the last crisis we face in this nation or in the church so how are we as Christians supposed to respond? Fear has a way of overwhelming us and can even be paralyzing stopping us in our tracks but God does not want us to be overwhelmed with fear and how you combat fear is with faith. When fear comes
knocking at the door of your heart you have a choice to make whether you’re, going to let fear in or are you going to choose faith. You must have faith in the one true living God, (Yahweh is his name!) because it is he that fear cannot withstand. We have to become strong in our faith in
order to withstand the trials that are ahead for this nation and for the church. We have to prepare for the spiritual battles that are ahead. We do not fight these battles carnally but
spiritually. God has given his children the authority in Jesus, name over the enemy through the finished work of the cross Jesus took the keys of authority from satan, and gave them back to the church. satan has no power over us unless we give it to him. We give the enemy power by giving in to the enemies, tactics. You need to know who you are in Christ before you can exert that authority over the enemy and when you know that you know you are a child of the Most, High, God and you’ve submitted yourself unto God you can then take your stand against the enemy and command him to leave you and your family alone in Jesus mighty name and the enemy must flee! Do you know how big the God is that you serve? Do you know how powerful he is? When you really know the answers to those questions in your heart then the enemy will have no place in your life.

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