Blog #2

Learning to share the gospel is a process. You can speak to people about Jesus and they may or
may not receive what you have to say or you can learn to adhere to the leading of the Holy
Spirit and speak to the people that he prompts you to speak to. Learning to hear the Holy Spirit
is like learning to dance. There’s a rhythm and a stepping into what the Holy Spirit has for you
to say to someone, and if the Holy Spirit is prompting you to say something to someone then
you can be rest assured that the Holy Spirit has already done a work in that person’s heart to be
able to receive what the Holy Spirit has given you to speak to them. I can remember a time
when I started to learn the leading of the Holy Spirit. I went to my doctor for a check up and I
was waiting in the examining room for the doctor to come in and the Holy Spirit started
speaking to me, not audibly but in an inner voice that I heard in my spirit and he was revealing
that there was an issue that the doctor was having and the Holy Spirit wanted me to give her a
word. I was nervous thinking that this woman, was going to think I was crazy if I told her what I
felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her. The doctor came in and did her exam, and after the
exam she ended the visit by bidding me a good day. I got up to leave, not wanting to tell her
what I felt the Holy Spirit prompting me to say to her, I felt nervous and unsure of myself in
what I thought I was hearing, so I opened the door to leave and I heard the Holy Spirit so clearly
say “tell her,” So I thought here we go… I shut the door and she looked up at me from the desk
where she was sitting at with a surprised look and I told her that I had a word for her from the
Lord. I told her what the Holy Spirit wanted me to say to her and when I was done, she looked
at me and said, “Thank you! you just gave me the answer that I had been praying for.” Leaving,
the doctor’s office that day I felt relieved that she didn’t think I was crazy but more than that I
was grateful that I obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit, not just for my sake but for my doctor
at the time’s sake, she was heading into a battle that the enemy was going to use to try and
ruin her but after she received that word, she was able to head into that battle knowing
through her trusting in the Lord he was going to give her the victory, She, also had the
confidence going into that battle knowing that she was not going to be defeated. She also had
peace in her heart knowing that God was with her and she was not going into that battle alone.
I would encourage you today to find some time to get alone with the Lord and listen to the
whispers of the Holy Spirit, by doing that, you will train your ears to hear what the Holy Spirit is
saying. The Holy Spirit will lead you to impact people with what you say far greater than
anything you can say on your own. It is a dance and a partnership with the Holy Spirit, and
when you learn how to step with him it becomes a beautiful dance

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