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About The Olive Branch

“And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.” Rev. 22:2

The Olive Branch is a prophetic ministry to bring insight, edification, and to bring hope in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.

We are living in a time that has brought confusion, sadness, and for some desperation. We are living in the end times that the bible speaks of in 2 Tim. 3: 1-5. God is preparing the body of Christ to birth the worldwide revival. As the Body of Christ what do we need to do to prepare for this worldwide revival? As David said in Psalm 144 “Praise be to the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war.” We also need to learn how to train for the spiritual battles that we face. We need to learn how to get from survival to revival so that we can thrive and not just survive. As God’s children we need to furthermore learn how to walk in our position of authority by learning who we are in Christ and by learning what our position in Christ is.

Here at The Olive Branch, you will learn victorious living through weekly blogs, daily devotionals, and words of wisdom. There is something for everyone that is searching for biblical truth that will cut through the chaos of the times that we are living in.


Paiton Adriel shares her prophetic gifting and insight with you and through her writing she has answered the God given call that is on her life to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, bring edification to others through her teaching of the word of God, and to show the love of God by the example of loving others with a Christian love which is evident through her writing. It is Paiton’s desire that others come to know Jesus through her writing on a more, deeper, and intimate level. Paiton is from Chicago and now resides in Central Illinois with her family.